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Selfie Inside Rolls Royce Phantom :)

I know all of you are already jealous reading the title. So, in your own interest, please exercise extreme caution before deciding to proceed πŸ˜›

After all, the new Rolls Royce Phantom costs 11.5 Crores (ex-showroom) in India and it is among the most expensive cars in the world. Taking a selfie inside such a car is a privilege – don’t you agree?

We were invited to cover the Rolls Royce Phantom unveiling/launch ceremony at Chennai (Taj Coromandel) today and we took full advantage of it.

Before you see the selfie, have a look at the Rolls Royce Phantom Launch event summary video (Just 30s). You’ll get a good glimpse of the car in it.


And now comes the photo you’ve been waiting to see. Here it is πŸ™‚

Rolls Royce Phantom
If you want to go through the technical stuff and understand what makes this car so expensive, I will shortly write a detailed blog post on my other blog. So remember to come back to this post, I’ll link it fromΒ here.

Don’t you feel privileged to even read this post and watch these visuals?.?.

Destination Infinity

PS: I already feel ultra-rich. Just imagine how much scene I’ll put if I happen to own one πŸ˜› But first I need to figure out how many zeroes are there in that 11.5 Crores πŸ˜€I am Rajesh K, the author of this blog. While this blog is my hobby, I am a Freelance Video Editor by Profession. If you want to make Videos for Business or Special Occasions, do visit my other website WOWSUPER.NET to see the portfolio and get in touch.


  • SG

    Nice post. Beautiful pics. Even if I were the richest man in India I will not go for any of these luxury foreign cars. Where will I drive? Where will I park? If I park in Pondy Bazaar, I am sure some guy will scratch it or break the windshield out of jealousy. If I am in India, I am better off with an Indian made car.

  • BIkram Mann

    WOWWOWOW .. that is a beauty for sure .. and I can understand the excitement last year I got the oppurtunity to sit in one of these and it does bring a smile sitting in it .. πŸ™‚

    God willing sir one day you will be able to get one for sure .. and then maybe take me for a Drive πŸ™‚

    • Rajesh K

      But when that one day comes I’ll have a difficult decision to make – whether to buy the standard version costing 9.5 crores or go with the extended wheel-base costing 11.5 crores πŸ™‚

      Destination Infinity

  • Swidler

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