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Recently we got one of our favourite photos printed on a 12″ x 8″ photo canvas which we then hung in our living room. We clicked this photo (actually someone else clicked it for us) at Click Art Museum, at VGP Snow World, ECR, Chennai. We have already printed this as a postcard sized photo, put it on a photo frame, and kept it on our table. But it was not gaining any attention from anyone – it was too small.

But this new photo on canvas print screams for attention. I don’t think anyone visiting our hall will go without looking at it 😀

Earlier, I had ordered our Taj Mahal pic (which you see on the header of this blog) to be colour printed as a larger poster from one of the leading customised online photo services provider. That’s inexpensive compared to this one, but it’s not as bright or vibrant. That was printed on a thin chart paper type of material, and this is printed on an art canvas that can be hanged. So the quality of print is great – you can also see the thick edges in the above-embedded video.

Smaller and larger photo canvas sizes were available, but we felt this size struck the right balance between the size and the cost. I wish it was a bit larger. Actually it’s difficult to visualise the size of a product like this while ordering, especially how large it would look at the position where we want to hang it. But this one is fine in its current location, as well. A larger canvas print placed behind a beautiful sofa like this would be even better! website has an online interface with the option to upload photos and a few pre-made designs to choose from. The one you see on the video is a full photo design, which we thought was the most elegant. But there are other designs with frames, graphics, etc.

The order process, delivery, etc. is like any other e-commerce store – order online and get the customised product delivered at home. We got our shipment within a week via Blue Dart courier in a large flat box, as the canvas is not foldable. The poster we ordered earlier elsewhere came folded and I had to reverse fold it. Still it was not fully smoothed.

So if you want to order a Premium Canvas Print of your favourite photo, or if you want to make customised printed photo albums and photo gifts, have a look at

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