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Manikarnika Tamil Movie Review

Yes, this Bollywood movie has been released in Tamil as well. And we saw the Tamil version at Rohini complex, Koyambedu today.
Manikarnika, the factual retelling of Rani of Jhansi, could/should’ve been better.
This is Kangana’s first unexpected directorial debut after the original director left midway and she had just 40 days to complete more than 50% of the movie. Or so I read.
Since we generally write our first books and then start learning about writing, this too is Kangana’s first step – so we should encourage her to experiment with different scripts like these, and eventually become a great director.
The first-half of the movie was quite engaging. But there was war, war and only war in the second-half. If you like period war films you might still enjoy this, but if you are expecting a good story – there isn’t any.
But then, there may not be a lot of material available to research and form a good story on factual subjects like Rani of Jhansi. That’s why scriptwriters are able to leverage much more in epic fantasy movies like Baahubali.
This is one ticket cost I don’t mind paying, in spite of the movie not being good. It’s an investment.
If you are not able to watch the movie, at least watch this Tamil Trailer of Manikarnika. It’s well-made 🙂

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  • Nish

    I haven’t seen this movie yet. Too bad the second half is a let-down. How was her acting, and was the change in direction very visible in the movie?

    • Rajesh K

      Her acting was good, as usual. But in her own words, she was attempting to play a character that was perfect and far from being human. Manikarnika’s character sketch could’ve been slightly less ideal than what was portrayed in this movie. Actually I liked her direction of the first half than the original director’s version of the war-ridden second half!

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