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Island Grounds Exhibition 2019 – 45th Tamil Nadu Trade Fair (Chennai)

The 45th Tamil Nadu Tourism Trade Fair exhibition is happening at Island Grounds, Chennai from Jan. 13 to Mar. 23, 2019. The timing is 3 PM to 10 PM on weekdays. On Sunday they might open it earlier – from 11 A.M. We went to the trade fair recently, and a few pics from the expo have been presented as a short video above. Entry Ticket price: Rs. 35 for adults and Rs. 20 for children from 6-12 years of age. You can book the trade fair tickets online!

There are various stalls. Commercial stalls selling everything from soap to education to plots. And then there are many food stalls. But the main attraction is the entertainment stall. There were booths showing 3D movies, horror props, cloud-walking experience, and much more. I have not seen these type of stalls in the Chennai Trade Center exhibitions.

And then there is a huge play area (in the already mega size expo) with everything from Giant Wheel to Tora Tora, and everything else that kids (and adults) might enjoy. There is even a buge Bruj Khalifa model constructed there, with which we took a selfie – of course! You can see the model in the above video.

One stall that we went to visit was the Lyca Productions 2.0 Stall based on the recent Rajnikanth’s movie. There were many props used in the movie – like the wig, masks, etc. that were used by Rajni and Akshay Kumar in the movie. There were a number of banners and cut-outs too. They were even selling 2.0 official T-Shirts there! One 2.0-based short 3D movie was supposed to be shown to visitors, but when we enquired it was not working. Tough luck.

Here is a short video with our selfies taken at this 2.0 stall –

Destination Infinity


  • Jeevan

    Wish I could visit the trade fair, which I have done about two decades back, before it ends. I always want to visit trade fair every time i head about its happening but couldn’t make all these year. I liked the setting of the tallest building but I wonder do they have ramp facility all over or at least one side of the river will do better.

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