How are ppl handling cold weather at colder places?

Chennai, India, where I live is supposed to be a warm HOT place and it’s just November now. I already feel so cold that I’ve been through a session of fever & cold in recent days.

I prefer not to switch on the fan even during the afternoon, except when I am working on my laptop. I feel so sluggish that I don’t feel like going to the regular daily walking sessions around our home.

You may not believe it but sometimes I prefer to drink hot water nowadays. I have been wearing a monkey cap over the last month or so when I sleep – to cover my ears!

What I am wondering is, how do people handle cold weather at places that are actually cold? (Which should be everywhere else except Chennai!)

Or maybe since I am used to the hot Chennai weather, I am finding the 20/30 C temperatures colder due to the relative effect of being exposed to 35/45 C during other times??

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4 thoughts on “How are ppl handling cold weather at colder places?

  1. I feel the chilliness in wind these days and we should be only glad it is at least cooler in winter in chennai. I think those born and grew up in colder weather natural inbuilts an ability to tackle the cold.

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