Photobook :)

As I am learning animated video creation, I get a lot of opportunities to indulge in making creative videos with our own photos and then share it (put scene) on social media. This is one more such –

It’s a Photobook with page turn animation!!

Although this is a virtual photo book, this style is popular with people wanting to share their memories on social media.

Of course, a virtual photobook video allows me to be even more creative with my ideas. So, I have an animated front cover with the first letter of our names being revealed in handwriting style. I have also included a growing leaf animation.

I have used the zoom effect for photos on the first page, and an animated photo frame on the second page. The page turn on the first page is a 3D effect, but the one on the second page is a 2D effect. I feel both look nice in their own ways.

Did you like it?

Destination Infinity

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4 thoughts on “Photobook :)

    1. If you want to do everything from scratch, it takes time. But there are templates available at a cost that allow you to insert the pictures where you want. That’s relatively fast, but it’s difficult to customize.

      Destination Infinity

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