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My name is Rajesh K and Destination Infinity is my pen-name. I live in Chennai, South India. This is my personal/lifestyle blog and I write on many topics I am passionate about. I’ve been blogging for more than 10 years and I have managed to create a career out of creating content.

‘Destination Infinity’ was my entry to a tag-line competition advertised by the Tourism Department of India many years ago. ‘Incredible India!’, I guess, should have won that contest. Since my *substantially more intellectual* tag-line was rejected, I was upset. I determined that I will make ‘Destination Infinity’ even more popular than ‘Incredible India!’ by myself. This blog is a conspiracy to achieve that 😉

I also write books. Have a look at my Books page.

I create Photo Slideshow Videos for Special Occasions & Marketing Videos for Business @ (click)

Destination Infinity

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  1. when you comment on my blog, I never see a link to your blog!!! Just by chance I found it through Nita`s blog…

    You style is very interesting, and it is very rare that you post dialogs – to write a good dialog is very diificult!

    keep up the good job!

    and thanks for visiting me 🙂

  2. Thanks Axina and Nita (In a rare instance, I have made history by replying in a single comment to the comments of one of the best cross continental blogger pals – Axina and Nita) 🙂

    Axina, when it comes to the technicalities, I am hopeless! I dont know even how to link a word (Like This) to a webpage! You need not be surprized even if I had typed http/: with a single slash! against my webpage name in the comments. I think I have to start learning atleast the basic html.

    Nita, maybe even the Indian Tourism Department felt the same! Actually "Destination Infinity" was my entry to a competition conducted by the Tourism Department to come up with a Tagline for Indian Tourism!. "Incredible India" which you see in the TV so much now, should have won the contest. I was bitter – how can the government reject my substantially higher intellectual tag-line? So now I wish international fame for my tag-line! 🙂 The whole blog is a conspiracy to this intention of mine! As you might have guessed by now, I was too lazy to think at the time of registering this blog that I had used something I thought before many years! 🙂

  3. No. It is my personal blog page. But if you do want to contribute in terms of ideas for posts or writing guest posts or some info which you feel would be useful (Like alternate sources of energy etc.), I am open to publishing it. Please feel free to contact me using the contact form.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Infinity as a destination makes it inherently a constant source of healthy inspiration to improve yourself at every rise, fall and blank phases of life.

  5. I realized I never wrote here 🙂 I like your name too, Destination Infinity. And btw, I thought of you during my Bhutan trip on Dec '08!

  6. I know destination infinity for the past decade. I'm happy to see his posts being appreciated by one and all. Good Job DI…Keep up the show…

    1. I want Destination Infinity to get more popular but these days, sadly, DI has become more common! I am thinking of ways to make people type the full name!! Thanks for your wishes, BTW.

      Destination Infinity

  7. Hi Destination Infinity!

    I've read your comments so many times, but just wondering how come I did not land on your blog. Have just read one post of yours, and already trying to console myself by "better late than never"!


  8. Hi Rajesh,

    I saw your comment in my blog. Seeing your blog and your attitude towards life, i appreciate it. I would like to get in touch and discuss something. Drop me a mail at my gmail id.


    Prashant Sree

  9. Thought provoking blog. Well, tourism department must have thought once more before rejecting yours because they accepted what was ‘obvious’, right. BTW Continue the process of mutual learning and best wishes 🙂

  10. hmmm so Destination Infinity has brought you this far that today you have avid and sincere followers..what better could you have achieved 🙂 i liked that honest piece of information you put up here regarding your competition 🙂 keep going rajesh 🙂

  11. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for some songs to listen to. While checking out your song-lists, I realized that there was so much to read over here and began going through your other posts. And, well, I think I’ll be snooping around for longer than I had meant! Great work, totally LOVED it!

    1. Well, frankly, that’s the easier part. Getting my income levels back to the pre-full-time-blog days is the difficult part. Looks like, it will take a few more years to get there . . . 🙂

      Destination Infinity

  12. New to blogging and found you via comments on monetization. I have a cool photo of a street sign that says “Infinity Way” that you might like but I dont know how to put it in a comment. email me and I will send it to you. It would look cool on your page 🙂

  13. Hey,
    Stumbled upon you blog recently. Totally loved the story behind naming “destination infinity” and your pursuit of making it more famous than the “Incredible India” campaign. Good luck with that 😛 . Rest assured, you have one more follower than before.

  14. Hi Rajesh,

    Recently I read your story which I got only from you during the Book Fair, Royapettah, Jan 2016. I liked that ghost story and I am very much interested reading all your works.

    Just now I am entering your blog.

    I like your creativity and also your blog. Keep it up.

    Screenwriter, Chennai

  15. I liked the way you said “How do I get a damn address proof” and your ordeal in trying every dead-end channel. I have my address proof but I am waging a war
    against the lousy sales tax guys who demand 1000% bribe to apply for a TIN registration. It makes me feel corruption is now official and if you don’t pay bribe you are violating certain unwritten “laws.”

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